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Survivors’ Guilt

I’m blogging about Easter again, sorry. This time spurred by an online conversation between friends about the appropriateness or not of being wished “Happy Easter” on Good Friday. Classicists of the world, wrack off – yes I DO know the entire event was probably lifted from pre-existing pagan rites of spring, but for the purposes […]

The Moon and the Moccasin

Enjoying the peace of absent window installers this Easter Weekend (back on Monday unfortunately due to the ‘negotiable’ religious holidays of the Roman Law tradition here in Scotland) I’ve been sparing a thought for what Easter means to me as a non-religious Christian of Quaker affiliation. After a childhood of Sunday School thanks to the […]

‘Oh, you’re crap!’

Tim Minchin becomes increasingly desperate as he tries to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. I’ve just noticed we seem to have a bit of a Tim Minchin thing happening at the moment, and since the other seasonal gags going around have already appeared elsewhere (‘no, the Easter Bunny did not die for people’s sins’, as I […]