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Eye Candy De Heir

Facebook. Besides being invented for the social glue that is the ‘poke’ (who do YOU poke and how often and can anyone explain why) it’s for sharing cool stuff like this 1930s aerial photograph of Edinburgh, the legendary city where I live. Originally by Alfred Buckham, I nicked it off SL’s page where it was […]

Random kindness, senseless beauty…

… and knitting. Yesterday, I was walking the dog in the Princes Street Gardens when I discovered this: At first, I couldn’t quite believe it – that someone would go to the trouble of hanging beautifully knitted bunting and pom-poms in Jubilee colours from a random couple of trees. I let the dog off the […]

From the land that brought you the deep fried Mars Bar…

Welcome to Scotland [NSFW, so lean over your computer before you fall about the place laughing].

Twilight of the Institutions

As I pointed out on Legal Eagle’s thread on this issue, I think it’s very important that we take violent crime more seriously than fraud or non violent property crime. Violence does things to people and communities that fraud does not, and eliding this difference or wishing it away will lead us to a situation […]

The Feeding Storm

Drivers across the UK are being warned to take extra care as the working week begins amid further heavy snow and ice. Parts of eastern England and Scotland already under thick snow could get up to 25cm (10in) more by Monday morning. Plummeting temperatures overnight will lead to icy roads in many places, while strengthening […]