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‘Bigot of the Year!’

‘We are lawyers, words are our tools’ was one of my pupil-master’s favourite lines, and if anything, lawyering has made me even more careful with how I speak and write than literature and publishing ever did. Yes, I know, the way lawyers parse a statute or a case can seem like mindless pettifogging. There are […]

Straight ducks, gay Romans, Kiwis, homeschooling, and the lesser Poe

In Skeptical circles, Poe’s Law is an axiom suggesting that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between parodists of religious or other fundamentalism and genuine proponents, since they both seem equally insane. ‘Poe’ as a noun has become almost as ubiquitous as Poe’s Law itself. In this context, a Poe refers to either a person, post or news story that […]

The Law is an Ass Bandit

Scotland could become the first part of the UK to introduce gay marriage after the SNP government announced plans to make the change. Ministers confirmed they would bring forward a bill on the issue, indicating the earliest ceremonies could take place by the start of 2015. Political leaders, equality organisations and some faith groups welcomed […]

…And an apology from me

Thanks to this: Law Society President Austin Lafferty also presented an award to University of Edinburgh student Helen Dale, who won the Society’s annual essay competition with A Plea in Law for Equal Marriage. Currently completing the accelerated LLB, she previously studied the Bachelor of Civil Law at Oxford University and plans to stay in Scotland to practise. Helen’s prize includes […]

Unequal Marriage

The UK’s largest Muslim body today spoke out in support of Church leaders backing traditional marriage, following the Coalition Government’s proposed changes to the role and status of the institution. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said that it agreed with sentiments expressed by the Archbishop of Canterbury (in his recent address to the Council […]