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Pennies from heaven

Copyright law has really jumped the shark. The Canadian Royal Mint wants to sue a struggling artist for featuring Canadian pennies on the cover of his latest album called No More Pennies (pictured above). (I can’t resist adding – he may be struggling but he’s not penniless, as the album cover shows. Boom tish! Okay, […]

Those Family Stickers

We have a trend here in Australia of family stickers on the rear of cars. I don’t know if our English readers have a similar phenomenon? I see from this Salon article that they have a similar trend in the US. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, here’s an illustration: I […]

Vigilante justice, meet the justice system

“Phoenix Jones”, a self-styled superhero vigilante (complete with home made body armour) has ended up on the wrong side of the law. The Herald Sun reports that Phoenix could be charged by police after he intervened in what he thought was a fight and allegedly pepper sprayed a number of people: Phoenix Jones – known […]

Is sex which results in injury on a work trip a compensable injury?

Now, if this were me, I don’t think I could bear to bring the dispute to court… However, there is presently a case before the Federal Court in which a woman is suing for worker’s compensation after she was injured during vigorous sex with a man she’d met while on a workplace trip. She was […]

Crazy Torts of the Past

Somehow, crazy tort claims seem like a modern phenomenon, a symptom of overly litigious and demanding consumer culture. However, this article from The Guardian says that insurance company Aviva researched tort law insurance claims dating back to the 1860s [pre-Donoghue v Stephenson], and found a plethora of frivolous or somewhat crazy claims: …[T]he Aviva research […]

Drawing the line at Ned Kelly

Bizarre factoid for a Friday: men who are tattooed with Ned Kelly are more likely to be killed or kill themselves. For non-Australian readers, Ned Kelly is a famous Australian bushranger (highwayman) who wore homemade plate armour and was hanged in Melbourne after he was captured in a police siege in Glenrowan. The Daily Mail […]

WTF, fined for swearing?

The ABC reports that Victoria is bringing in laws whereby police can fine people who use indecent or offensive language: The Victorian Government plans to introduce laws this week that will give police permanent power to issue on-the-spot fines to people who swear. Under the proposed legislation, people could be fined close to $240 for […]

Earliest political memories

[Cross posted at Larvatus Prodeo] Today my daughter was playing with her pink superball while my son was asleep (it’s small, so she’s only allowed to get it out while he’s sleeping). I heard her mutter to her toys while brandishing the pink superball, “This is the Prime Minister, and if you do something he […]