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Poetry in Motion/Gibberish in Neutral

H/T: Judith Sloan of Catallaxy, apologies to Dorothea MacKellar of My Country

Don’t shoot the piano player, she’s doing her best

As I pointed out yesterday on this thread, I was not enamoured of the Greens getting anywhere near the levers of power on the grounds that they’d be likely to break the levers, followed by breaking the government. The climate change stushie on LE’s thread convinced me even more strongly that many environmentalists do not […]

We has a goverment…

This little image came into my head after one of Jason Soon’s status updates. I gather he was also feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of decisiveness from the independents as to whom they would support. When SL and I were talking about the status update this morning, a vision of toddlers on potties […]

Hung, drawn and quartered?

The outcome of the 2010 Federal Election is fascinating. The Liberal National Party have 71 seats, Labor has 70 seats, the Greens have 1 seat (their first ever won in a General Election), and other independents have 3. It looks like Labor is better placed to form a minority government, but we’ll wait and see. […]

Election Reflection

Well, finally it’s election day. I have to say that even though the campaign only lasted 6 weeks, I was heartily sick of it by the end. As I said in my post on the worm, I think the immediate attention on focus groups, opinion polls and knee-jerk reactions produces bad policy. It’s not policy […]

The Dog Whistle

I am not going to link to anyone making ‘dog whistling’ claims this election campaign; there are too many of them. Instead, I am going to make a few requests. 1. Before using this phrase, please take some care to find out what it means. 2. When claiming that this or that politician is ‘dog […]

The East Timor Solution

Australia will hold a general election on 21 August, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced. Ms Gillard – the country’s first female prime minister – said the snap poll would be “tough and close”. The governing Labor Party elected her as leader three weeks ago after ousting her predecessor, Kevin Rudd. The race between Labor […]

A-a-a-a-a-and…they’re off!

Julia Gillard has called an election for 21 August 2010. I must confess that I’ve been pretty down about politics the last few weeks. What particularly depressed me was Labor’s ill-conceived plan to palm asylum seekers off to East Timor. It showed the same ad hoc ‘policy-on-the-run’ approach that KRudd’s regime had shown before. It […]