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Trenton! Trenton! Jesus Christ, Trenton!

With the awful inevitability of a dog chasing deer into oncoming traffic in Richmond Park, I present to you Trenton Oldfield (Hell’s bells, the names even rhyme), Australia’s shame. Yesterday, Trenton Oldfield did this at the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race: First, Sir Matthew Pinsent, the former Olympic rower, thought he saw debris in the water. Then, […]

Fenton the Dog (oh, and Happy New Year…)

Most people are not capable of staying posh whilst simultaneously shouting and swearing at their naughty dog. Fenton’s owner, however, managed the task with aplomb. His adventures in Richmond Deer Park have since gone viral. The original video: The poor beleaguered deer: This is Fenton! Fenton is, of course, now turning into the British version […]