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Knave of Hearts

Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney has had a heart transplant and is now recovering in hospital, his office has said. It said the surgery had been carried out on Saturday at the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia. Mr Cheney, 71, has had heart problems for much of his adult life, suffering five heart attacks since […]

Government Of All But Talents #ombh

From The Torygraph… Mandrake has cheering news for the nation: Martin Amis is to campaign for the laws on assisted suicide to be reformed. The author, who caused an outcry last year when he called for euthanasia booths to be installed on every street corner, says that he now regards euthanasia as nothing less than […]

Scanning Judges

One of the reasons I really liked working at the Supreme Court was that it was a bastion of intelligent eccentricity. Many of the judges were unusual people, but they were also intelligent, compassionate people. I know that at least some judges were aware of their eccentricity. One judge (now retired) came in to my […]

That Pig Won’t Fly

In which I present, the REAL cause of the swine ‘flu outbreak… … suggest that the current risk analysis might be flawed … … and point out that all the protective measures in the world still wont be much help unless you read the instruction leaflet. There is no evidence of the swine flu virus […]

Whiskey Galore

A lorry carrying whisky has crashed, causing alcohol and fuel to spill onto a road in the Highlands. Emergency services were called to the scene on the A95 at about 1415 GMT. Northern Constabulary said diversions were in place through Skye of Curr and the Dulnain Bridge road until the wreck was cleared. Meanwhile, emergency […]