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Existential threats and other difficulties

Young man, there’s a great deal of ruin in a nation. So Adam Smith responded to a correspondent who feared that a successful revolt by the American colonies would ruin Britain.  Looking back, Adam Smith was right and the fearful young man was wrong. Indeed, Britain proceeded to gain and give up a great empire, and […]

The unknown country

Which country is this? First nation in modern history to secure full unification without killing anyone. First major nation to have achieved independence and sovereignty without killing anyone. First nation in modern history to appoint a Jew as commander of its armed forces, Never had any form of slavery or serfdom. The answer is below […]

They may be vile customs, but they’re our vile customs

Henry Kissinger once said of Saddam that ‘we knew he was a son of a bitch, but we thought he was our son of a bitch’. I think it’s fair to say that Saddam ruled his country with spectacular nastiness, but that he also did enough to garner the support of a significant chunk of […]