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And yes, I do have a dog in this fight ;)

It has long been my view that Gerard Henderson and Michael Danby and Colin Rubinstein do not actually accept the logic behind having freedom of speech. Instead, they have jumped on the fashionable bandwagon that seeks to control how one’s ‘group’ is portrayed, hence their support for legislative piffle like s 18 (c) of the […]

The Liberty Pool

Well, if it isn’t an atheist bunfight, it’s a libertarian bunfight.  Last week — in an excellent piece for Reason Magazine — David Boaz argued that libertarians ought to stop looking backwards for some ‘golden age of lost liberty’, because no such age has ever existed. More to the point, no such age ever will […]

The Cats That Will Not Be Herded

I’m reasonably sure I was the first libertarian to suggest that organising libertarians was akin to herding cats (here, apparently), and since then the notion has spread around Ozblogistan. Well, I think I’ve found a new group of cats that will not be herded: atheists. This observation comes after noting the response to a piece […]