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Norm failure

I have previously posted elsewhere about how similar the failures in indigenous policy and development (particularly foreign aid) policy have been. Remarkably similar, indeed. They also show some distinct similarities to the more unfortunate effects of welfare provision. (By ‘welfare provision’ I do not mean the aged pension or health or education services; I am talking […]

Some words in favour of monarchy

I rather like monarchy.  I like the pomp and ceremony. I like the sense of continuity. (The Papacy, the Japanese monarchy, the English monarchy and the Danish monarchy are the oldest political institutions on the planet; the English coronation ceremony has elements that date back to Anglo-Saxon times.) I like monarchy’s capacity to separate the […]

Knave of Hearts

Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney has had a heart transplant and is now recovering in hospital, his office has said. It said the surgery had been carried out on Saturday at the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia. Mr Cheney, 71, has had heart problems for much of his adult life, suffering five heart attacks since […]

Queen visits Iraq

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is leading the first British business delegation to Iraq in over 20 years. Representatives from 23 companies are accompanying the business secretary on a one-day trip to Baghdad and Basra. The group will meet Iraqi government ministers to discuss how they can contribute to the economic reconstruction of the country… Lord […]

Have we met?

British forces have begun their official withdrawal from Iraq after the UK’s commander in the south of the country handed over to a US general. Major General Andy Salmon has transferred authority for what will become Multi-National Division South to US Major General Michael Oates. The generals’ pennants were raised and lowered in a handover […]

New! Improved!

Documents showing intelligence chiefs were urged to make a key dossier on the Iraqi threat as “firm” as possible have led to new calls for a war inquiry. Intelligence head Sir John Scarlett was pressed in an e-mail to make analysis of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction as “authoritative” as he could. Details of this […]