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Sometimes, there are no lessons

‘We must do something, here is something, let’s do that thing’ is one of the most seductive wrong routes those in power can take in the wake of an act of terror. Initially praised for his unwillingness to be drawn into the usual epidemic of jerking knees that breaks out whenever awful stuff happens in […]

Why did the Middle East select for monotheism? – Guest post by Lorenzo

[SL: On September 18, I published a piece on the religious transformation currently going on in Europe, pointing out in passing that monotheism — if one examines its geographic origins — is almost as foreign to Europe as it is to India or China. In the post below, regular commenter Lorenzo has attempted to explain why: […]

Where bad arguments go to be mocked

I’ve always found the various attempts to argue for the burqa or niqab as liberating rather than constricting and deeply misogynistic to be a steaming pile. Clearly the people at newsbiscuit agree. Some highlights: New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone a miniature […]