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Legal Eagle on the radio

I will be on Radio 2UE at ~6:10pm on Sunday 18 December 2011 in their program discussing legal issues, talking about Justice Peter McClellan’s recent comments on juries in New South Wales. In a recent speech to the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales, His Honour said: The second challenge which […]

What is it about jury service in NSW?

…Enquiring minds would like to know. Month on month, the most popular search string for this blog is a variant on ‘getting out of jury service in nsw’, ‘excuses to get out of jury service’, ‘jury service nsw’, ‘avoiding jury service nsw.’ No other state or jurisdiction gets a look in. No Queensland or Victoria […]

Suppression and the courts

I am planning a long post on super-injunctions and celebrities in the coming weeks, but in the meantime I thought I’d have a quick look at suppression orders and the Victorian Supreme Court. Suppression orders prevent the media from reporting on trials to which such orders apply. Apparently suppression orders were rife during the Melbourne […]

No wonder people try to get out of jury duty

Crossposted Online Opinion – 10/8/09 When I was a young and green blogger with only my own small site, one of the posts which got the biggest hits was entitled “Excuses for getting out of jury duty“. It must be a disappointment for Googlers who are looking for convincing excuses – the post actually links […]

Thoughts on juries and justice

The other day, I was supposed to be doing PhD thesis when I got caught watching the documentary called The Times of Harvey Milk, which featured real archival footage of the various people involved. Once I’d started watching, I couldn’t stop. Of course, Sean Penn has just received an Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey […]