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The medieval as franchised protection

In my post on the French Revolution as Chinese dynastic cycle, I denied that China as had a medieval period as such. Accepting the Naito Hypothesis that Song dynasty China (960-1279) was the first modern society, I hold that China went from its late antiquity to the early modern without a medieval period. This post […]

Knights! Action! Camera!

Apropos nothing more than the fun of it, photographs of knights a la medieval. On parade: Breaking lances in the joust: Since 2009, there has been the annual Battle of the Nations.  The rules are explained here. You can watch Russia v USA 21v21 here. There is an online TV series; episode 1 is here […]

Coercive competition

A useful way to think of organised crime is as the application of coercion for profit in social spaces where the power of the state does not effectively reach. It is common to think of organised crime gangs as having “territories”.  Such as this map of the territories of Mexican drug cartels. Obviously, the drug […]