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Representating a group and indigenous politics

For some reason, I’ve been thinking of indigenous politics lately. Perhaps it was because of my post on Andrew Bolt and aboriginality. Perhaps it was also because of the recent debate about Queensland’s Wild Rivers legislation. I’ve been thinking of the way in which politicians tend to latch on to a “preferred” indigenous spokesperson, usually […]

Welcoming ceremony

I was not brought up in any particular religious context. There’s not much standing on ceremony in my family. Still, if I ever go to someone else’s house, I try to make sure that I follow their traditions, whatever they may be. I just think that it’s the respectful thing to do. Secretly, just between […]

Indigenous intervention, doing good and racism

The High Court has just handed down its decision on the constitutionality of the legislation enabling the Northern Territory intervention: Wurridjal v Commonwealth of Australia [2009] HCA 2. A majority of the Court ruled that the legislation was constitutional, with Kirby J delivering a last (and controversial) dissent. It is a fascinating decision, involving the […]