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The Streisand Effect

In the light of the recent hoo-hah discussed by SL here involving Melinda Tankard-Reist suing blogger Jennifer Wilson for defamation I thought I might revisit the notion of the Streisand effect, because as Russell Blackford has commented, we may be seeing an instance of it unfolding before our eyes. The term Streisand effect was coined after […]

Defamation by algorithm

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned the annoying algorithmic habits of Facebook (suggesting that you reconnect with dead friends or putting up ads asking, “Do you want to get pregnant?”…um no, not right now!) Google also uses algorithms which suggest searches related to the one you have just undertaken. A French man has successfully sued […]

Hoist by their own petard

I think it’s fair to say that Heath G and I share an obsession with fantastically unsuccessful defamation actions that result in the very opposite outcome to that which the plaintiff sought to achieve. At Minimal State, Heath has a post about the best one yet, involving a hapless company named T & J Towing: […]

Privacy and WAGS

I have to say that I never really understood where the acronym WAG came from – I had to look it up on Wikipedia, and I found that it originated as a descriptor of the Wives And Girlfriends of the 2006 English World Cup soccer club. Anyway, I’ve noted that our press has started referring […]

Blood Elves and Blogwars

I hadn’t come across conservative US shock jock Glenn Beck until an anonymous prankster started up a site called glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com. Beck is now suing the originator of the site, so of course I’m interested now. Some background first. Beck doesn’t sound like he’d be my cup of tea. An article in Time magazine in July […]

Sticks and stones…

I seem to be building up rather a niche in posts on blogging, social networking, defamation and privacy law. Cases are springing up like mushrooms. I’ve written before about the outing of “NightJack”, a policeman whose blog became immensely popular. It seemed to me that the development of outing pseudonymous bloggers was a rather sad […]

No, tell us what you really think!

I have never had much time for Keysar Trad. As a so-called advocate for Muslims in Australia, I’d say he’s got a bit to learn — like Sheikh Hillaly whom he assisted, it has always seemed to me that his statements have probably done more to hinder the reputation of Islam in Australia than help […]

Defamation for dummies

In light of the recent publication of photos purportedly showing a semi-naked Pauline Hanson, we thought it was time to learn a thing or two about the law of defamation. The law of defamation not only has ramifications for newspapers, but also for blogs. Main Entry: de·fa·ma·tion Pronunciation: “de-f&-‘mA-sh&n Function: noun 1 : communication to […]