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The Art of Law

This post is in part a very belated response to a series of posts by Jim Belshaw (here and here). Sorry it’s so late, Jim! I do think about these things, but they take a while to percolate. What do people want out of their lawyers, and do lawyers provide these things? Part of the […]

The oldest profession

No, I’m not talking about that kind of solicitor, I’m talking about the other kind of solicitor. The one who tells you what the law is. You may think you can shake us off, but the evidence shows we’ve been around for a lo-o-o-ong time, at least 3700 years. Researchers from the Hebrew University of […]

What’s wrong with me?

Okay, don’t answer that question. But I didn’t watch either the Debate between our esteemed political leaders, or the Master Chef final. Thus I suspect I am in a minority of the Australian population. I didn’t watch the GillAbb Debate because I am so shizzed off about the direction politics is going in this country […]

This ‘n’ that

There are a few interesting posts around the place today, so I thought I’d just do a round up: HeathG at Minimal State wonders if GetUp! will get into trouble with copyright law as a result of its political satire video (which lends from various Hollywood blockbusters). I hope not, the video is rather funny, […]

The limits of law

[Update: now cross posted at Online Opinion – 22/1/10] One of the things that I’m thinking about in my PhD is the limits of law. What can law change? And more importantly, what can’t it change? Who enforces the law? Can we change the way in which people behave by regulating them more? Via CoreEconomics, […]

Nobody Loves Me

Well, I thought I’d insert a gratuitous Portishead clip here of the song Sour Times from the Dummy album, which probably shows my age. (Now cross-posted at Online Opinion – 7 September 2009) This post is about why people don’t like lawyers. It has been inspired by a post at the Volokh Conspiracy which explores […]