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Electoral Last Words

LABOR’S claim that an Abbott government would cut services to fund its promises is resonating in the electorate – but the Coalition is resisting huge pressure to crank up its own attack ads about Kevin Rudd. Labor’s nightly track polling in marginal seats by party pollster UMR, provided to The Australian, shows that over the […]

Sharing is not always a good thing

[Warning, if you are eating, do not continue reading this post.] I just had occasion to shiver all over with horror. You know, when something is so awful that you feel like your skin is crawling off your back? What could be so awful…? The cause of my horror was the article where Tony Abbott […]

I broke them, YOU buy them

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by his comments that women should try to remain virgins until they are married. Mr Abbott agreed that his ”minders” may have been concerned by his public airing of his private views on such topics, but he said today’s politicians “inevitably” had to face more such questions than their […]

Interesting times

The Chinese curse is, May you live in interesting times. I’m sure this has extra resonance for Malcolm Turnbull today. Tony Abbott won today’s Liberal Party leadership contest in a three horse race (where Joe Hockey was the first spill). I rather agreed with Jacques’ assessment of Turnbull’s downfall at Club Troppo: …[Turnbull] needed to […]