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Libertarian child

I just thought I’d tell this amusing little anecdote of my 4-year-old daughter, a rather precocious child. A while back, on the way to kinder, my daughter was trying to persuade me to buy her more computer games. I explained to her that we only have a finite amount of money. She wanted to know […]

On concern trolling

A fair few times in the last month, both Legal Eagle and I have been accused of ‘concern trolling’. LE has copped it more than me, but since my post on ‘local food’, I’ve been written off as a ‘libertarian concern troll’. I’d always had a vague notion that it concerned hiding one’s real political […]

The Liberty Pool

Well, if it isn’t an atheist bunfight, it’s a libertarian bunfight.  Last week — in an excellent piece for Reason Magazine — David Boaz argued that libertarians ought to stop looking backwards for some ‘golden age of lost liberty’, because no such age has ever existed. More to the point, no such age ever will […]

The Libertarian Purity Test

Via the Australian Libertarian Society blog, I came across this rather amusing little exercise in placing oneself on the political spectrum. I still prefer the more famous ‘World’s Smallest Political Quiz‘, in large part because it gives one a strong visual sense that there are two axes along which freedom may be plotted (economic and […]

Well, Brendan O’Neill is still a Marxist, even if the rest of Spiked have abandoned ship

This evening, the Oxford Libertarian Society hosted Spiked Online‘s Brendan O’Neill to speak on the topic ‘Why Environmentalism is the Enemy of Liberty‘. I think that O’Neill scored some good hits on the green movement: picking out the strong strains of misanthropy, paternalism and privilege attached to much environmental debate (and, it has to be […]