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‘Manners cost nothing’

…My mother used to say, when she reminded my siblings and me to keep still tongues in our heads. As a general rule, it is a bit discomforting to reach one’s mid-thirties and discover that one’s dear old ma was right more often than not, but there it is. I’ve been put in mind of […]

Spycatcher and Wikileaks: history repeats

[To be cross-posted at the Fortnightly Review in the coming week or so] Who enjoys reading spy fiction, or watching spy movies? I do. There’s something interesting about espionage. Perhaps it’s the secrecy which makes it so fascinating. People love to know secrets: it reflects the broader idea that if something is scarce, it must […]

Interesting times

The Chinese curse is, May you live in interesting times. I’m sure this has extra resonance for Malcolm Turnbull today. Tony Abbott won today’s Liberal Party leadership contest in a three horse race (where Joe Hockey was the first spill). I rather agreed with Jacques’ assessment of Turnbull’s downfall at Club Troppo: …[Turnbull] needed to […]