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Social bully politics

I have previously articulated what I call the paradox of politics (or the paradox of rulership)–we need the state to protect us from social predators but the state itself is the most dangerous social predator. The paradox can never be solved, merely managed more or less well. The guardian delusion The delusion that one can solve […]

The French Revolution as Chinese dynastic crisis

This is an essay on the interaction between states and social orders, using China as a prism to examine European patterns, rather than the other way around. According to Japanese historian Naito “Konan” Torajiro, the history of modern China began in the Song dynasty (960-1279), making China the first modern society; an analysis known as the Naito Hypothesis. […]

Tribes and Tribulations

If I were an indigenous person trying to make life better for my people, I’d prefer that my cause not be “adopted” by one particular side of politics. Once you get adopted by one side, the other side won’t look at your legitimate claims and grievances, regardless of how much merit they have. Just look at the recent furore involving […]

Well, Brendan O’Neill is still a Marxist, even if the rest of Spiked have abandoned ship

This evening, the Oxford Libertarian Society hosted Spiked Online‘s Brendan O’Neill to speak on the topic ‘Why Environmentalism is the Enemy of Liberty‘. I think that O’Neill scored some good hits on the green movement: picking out the strong strains of misanthropy, paternalism and privilege attached to much environmental debate (and, it has to be […]