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Saturday chit-chat

Once again Rafe has done his round-up at Catallaxy Files and Don Arthur has done Missing Link at Troppo, so for a diverse selection of bloggy goodness, do check both out. In other news, I have seen a few pieces around the interwebs on the new security screenings at US airports, and how they amount […]

Saturday chit-chat

Well, we’ve now got two people doing Missing Link style ’round-ups’, although that said, the choices they make are rather different. As mentioned last week, Club Troppo’s Don Arthur has been doing his bit: here is the latest installment. However, Rafe at Catallaxy is also doing something similar, a reprise of the job he used […]

Weekend chit-chat

Apologies for the lateness of the weekend clink-together-like-icecubes and natter thread, but all four of us are still attempting to decorate nearby walls with our lungs (not good) while holding down various jobs, lives etc. Missing Link I would normally do a round up of the best bloggy goodness I’ve spotted, but now I don’t […]