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Damnatio Memoriae (of damned memory)

Pakistan’s main intelligence agency, the ISI, has said it is embarrassed by its failures on al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. An ISI official told the BBC the compound in Abbottabad where Bin Laden was killed by US forces on Sunday had been raided in 2003. But the compound “was not on our radar” since then, […]

And now for something completely different…

Today’s earworm du jour is the very catchy “I like chinese” by Eric Idle from his Monty Python days. The population total is up a bit since it was recorded back in the 80s and half his examples are actually JAPANESE but the hypnotic effect is still as strong. I also like chinese. In fact […]

He’s NOT the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

Councillors in Glasgow have lifted an unofficial 30-year-old ban on the Monty Python film The Life of Brian. The council’s licensing and regulatory committee approved a request on Tuesday from Glasgow Film Theatre to show the biblical satire under a 15 certificate. Glasgow was one of 39 local authorities in the UK that refused to […]