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Diet Mince

Authorities in New Zealand have told a South African chef he is too fat to be allowed to live in the country. Immigration officials said Albert Buitenhuis, who weighs 130kg (286 pounds), did not have “an acceptable standard of health”. He now faces expulsion despite shedding 30kg since he moved to the city of Christchurch […]

The Begging Letter

Okay, I really have reached the end of my tattered patience. I WAS going to post a thoughtful piece about the market clearing rate/efficiency wages and the Conservative MP who told the commons recently that disabled people are not as productive as their ‘normal’ colleagues and therefore ought to be free to accept less than […]

The Hat Trick

A man has been found guilty of murdering his first wife in a car fire and attempting to kill his second in another crash to get life assurance. Former nurse Malcolm Webster, 52, had denied murdering Claire Morris in an Aberdeenshire crash in 1994. Webster, of Surrey, also denied attempting to kill Felicity Drumm in […]

Christchurch Earthquake: Please Give Generously

The following organisations are accepting donations for those affected by the earthquake. Donate online at www.salvationarmy.org.nz By Post: The Salvation Army , PO Box 27 001 Marion Square, Wellington 6141, New Zealand. Please specify that your donation is for the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal. The Red Cross has launched an 0900 Appeal Members of the public […]

Australia Sux (New Zealand, Seven)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been blocked from addressing New Zealand’s sitting parliament during her visit to Wellington this week. The New Zealand Greens Party opposed a plan by the country’s National government for Ms Gillard to talk directly to parliament while in session this Wednesday, saying it would set an uncomfortable precedent. “In New […]

How to sell a car

Used car salespeople generally have a very low rating in the public’s estimation. Some of you may remember the poster of Richard Nixon with the words “Would you buy a used car from this man”, a tagline credited to New York political journalist Noel Parmental.  (I found a copy here.) I once discussed the purchase […]


I don’t normally go around pimping other people’s stuff independent of our Saturday chit-chat threads, but this short essay on the difference between respecting beliefs you don’t share and giving those beliefs force of law is so good it deserves a wider audience. It had its genesis in this advisory from Te Papa (the National […]