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Pointing Fingers

JULIA Gillard has moved from defence to attack over the Craig Thomson scandal, accusing the opposition of using “Liberal mates” to exert political pressure on the NSW police to investigate the Labor MP. As Liberal senator George Brandis came under pressure for telephoning Australian Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus over the affair, Labor sources said […]

Minority government on the edge?

If I’d been asked to predict how Julia Gillard’s minority government might be pushed to the precipice, I would not have said that it would be over the issue of brothels, of all things. My prediction would have been that one of the independents or the Greens decided not to support a particular proposition on […]


PAUL Keating has mauled Labor’s likely new NSW opposition leader, John Robertson, accusing him of having no “moral authority” and warning that his ascension would put “lead weight” in Julia Gillard’s political saddlebags. The former prime minister said Mr Robertson, a former head of Unions NSW, wore the political deaths of up to 25 NSW […]

Mixed messages

There are a lot of mixed messages in our society (for example, those surrounding young girls growing up these days). Something that has struck me forcefully in recent days, however, is that the press have been sending out very mixed messages about gay and lesbian people in our society. The first story to break was […]