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MSc in Grievance Studies at LSE

Do you aspire to Moan for England? Want a Gold Medal in the Oppression Olympics? Think you can tweak the Four Yorkshireman sketch to fit any circumstance — poverty, race, disability or gender, or even all four at once? Well, now you can! If you have a 2:1 in a related undergraduate discipline, you can […]

Help Wanted: Platonic Guardians Enquire Within

‘Why,’ asked a Labour friend of mine this week, ‘is Britain still run by people from Oxford and Cambridge? When is it going to stop?’ Her despair was as much about her own party as mine, as well as pretty much every other political grouping in the United Kingdom. David Cameron, check. Nick Clegg, check. Tony […]

Now this is a good thing

Well, I think it is, anyway: Oxford University is hoping to welcome its first Aboriginal Australian students next year, it has been announced. From next month, applications for two scholarship places are being accepted. The university said although it had a significant number of students from Australia, an indigenous Australian had never studied there. The […]