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What we’re all doing

It’s just occurred to me that most of our readers aren’t Facebook friends with one or another of us, so you have no idea what is going on or what we’re planning to do writing-wise for the rest of the year. In short: Legal Eagle is currently in Oxford where she’ll be teaching and researching […]

Trenton! Trenton! Jesus Christ, Trenton!

With the awful inevitability of a dog chasing deer into oncoming traffic in Richmond Park, I present to you Trenton Oldfield (Hell’s bells, the names even rhyme), Australia’s shame. Yesterday, Trenton Oldfield did this at the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race: First, Sir Matthew Pinsent, the former Olympic rower, thought he saw debris in the water. Then, […]

David Cameron visits Brasenose

As many people would know, David Cameron is a Brasenose alumnus. 2009 is the college’s 500th anniversary (yes, I attend a college more than double the age of my country), and to that end has been putting on various rather pleasant events. There’s been the usual round of balls, parties, guest speakers and lots of […]

Your starter for 10

University Challenge, it’s fair to say, is knitted into British culture in all sorts of odd and interesting ways. The only other parallels I can think of for cultural influence and longevity are shows like Blue Peter and Dr Who. The headline for this post, for example, is instantly recognizable to pretty much anyone over here. […]

Actually, the whole snow in Oxford thing is starting to get a bit old…

One or two days is lovely, but not the best part of a week. See, the new snow falls on top of the old snow, which means — right now — pretty much every surface has a layer of black ice, followed by a layer of white ice, with the latest snow on top. It’s […]