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Gay parenting and the law

The Age reports that a Victorian court has allowed a gay man to adopt his foster child, a first in Victoria: A judge has allowed a gay man to adopt his foster child in what is believed to be a first for Victoria. The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is in a […]

Mummies and Daddies

I was interested to read today that a woman has failed in her legal bid to stop her former partner from encouraging their six-year-old daughter to call his new partner “Mummy D”. Unfortunately the judgment doesn’t seem to be available online yet. [The mother] said encouraging the term of endearment was ”an incendiary action” by […]

Things that make me proud

Jim Belshaw wrote a post listing 5 things that make him proud, and has tagged SL and I to do the same. I’m not going to write a list, mainly because I’m terrible at lists. I struggle with memes. The main thing in life that makes me proud is family: my children, my husband, my […]