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First cut is the deepest

In an attempt to drain the pus from the festering debate between science and religion — mainly over things like the teaching of ‘intelligent design’ in US schools — paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould came up with the notion of ‘Non Overlapping Magisteria’. He argued that: The magisterium of science covers the empirical realm: what the Universe is […]

Dance Your PhD

Via Dave Bath, I have been alerted to this rather awesome concept in Science: The dreaded question. “So, what’s your Ph.D. research about?” You could bore them with an explanation. Or you could dance. That’s the idea behind “Dance Your Ph.D.” Over the past 3 years, scientists from around the world have teamed up to […]

It’s over

For the moment anyway. Yes. I’ve handed in my PhD thesis. I can’t quite believe it: my hands and knees are shaking. Now I’ve just got to hope that the examiners have mercy on it. I put a special part in my acknowledgements for my two co-bloggers and for the regular commenters on this blog […]