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‘Scousers never buy the Sun

I’m not a folk-singer aficionado, but I have a feeling this particular exponent of the genre has just written himself a number one. What makes the piece especially interesting is Billy Bragg’s awareness that the whole Murdoch blow-up not only reflects badly on media and politicians, but also on us, the (fairly) willing consumers of […]

Read all about it…

The last edition of the News of the World has been published, its front page declaring: “Thank you & goodbye.” In a full-page editorial the paper offers an apology. “Quite simply, we lost our way,” it says. Publisher News International axed the 168-year-old tabloid in the wake of phone-hacking allegations last week. Scotland Yard Assistant […]

Hacked RIGHT Off

This Sunday’s issue of the News of the World will be the last edition of the paper, News International chairman James Murdoch has said. In the past few days, claims have been made that the paper authorised hacking into the mobile phones of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and the families of 7/7 bombing victims. Mr […]