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Social bully politics

I have previously articulated what I call the paradox of politics (or the paradox of rulership)–we need the state to protect us from social predators but the state itself is the most dangerous social predator. The paradox can never be solved, merely managed more or less well. The guardian delusion The delusion that one can solve […]

Government by expert, scientists, and those Platonic Guardians (again) #QEDcon

Over the weekend, I was a guest at this really rather splendid skeptical convention (responsible for the terrific animation above). I and my fellow panellists (three lawyers, one science writer) got to talk about libel and defamation law, and how it relates to social media. This is, I think it’s fair to say, controversial right now. […]

It’s those Platonic Guardians again…

The Leveson Inquiry, as readers of this blog well know, has exposed Britain’s tabloid media in ways that shouldn’t just make journalists or newspaper proprietors ashamed. The exposure has also shamed, by extension, the British public, as well as emphasizing the gulf between those who don’t read tabloid newspapers and those who do. Just as […]