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Academic theory and practice

The other day, Lorenzo alerted me to this post on the Volokh Conspiracy on why academic lawyers failed to foresee that the US Supreme Court would be very negative towards Obama’s healthcare legislation. In the post, Adler argues that it is surprising that anyone expected academic lawyers to have any insight whatsoever into the views […]

‘Get off my lawn’

Having put an A in the bank for my Roman law essay, and being so lazy (and weighed down with preparing for Faculty of Advocates exams) that I don’t have another blog post to hand, I thought I’d share the essay with our regulars. As people who’ve been reading my stuff since I used to […]

Tolerating the intolerant

I am a quintessential liberal (with a small ‘l’) in relation to religious belief. I don’t much mind what someone else believes, as long as they (a) don’t harm others and (b) leave me well alone to my own rather quirky beliefs. One thing I particularly dislike is being preached at. The more someone tries […]