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The Labor Schism

Since my post on Rudd’s announcement that he was resigning as Foreign Minister, Australian politics has now become a bear pit, at least on the Labor side. No sooner did Rudd resign than the Labor MPs started aligning themselves as pro-Gillard or pro-Rudd (Gillard appears to have the numbers). A number of Ministers in the […]

Queensland abortion couple not guilty

Oh dear, I really must have a perverse desire to start Threads o’ Doom this week – first rape and sexual assault, now a post about abortion. Anyway, in news just in, a Cairns couple have been found not guilty of attempting to procure an abortion. The couple, Tegan Leach and Sergie Brennan, found out […]

Vale Justice Peter Dutney

Sometimes, death is a thief, rather than a mere killer. At this moment, I think it has stolen a good and fair man from me, and I am not happy. I am, however, determined to honour that man’s memory in the way recommended by Marcus Aurelius in the Meditations: by speaking about his fine qualities. […]