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2UE Interview about juries

In June this year, SL wrote a post in which she noted: Month on month, the most popular search string for this blog is a variant on ‘getting out of jury service in nsw’, ‘excuses to get out of jury service’, ‘jury service nsw’, ‘avoiding jury service nsw.’ No other state or jurisdiction gets a […]

Legal Eagle on the radio

I will be on Radio 2UE at ~6:10pm on Sunday 18 December 2011 in their program discussing legal issues, talking about Justice Peter McClellan’s recent comments on juries in New South Wales. In a recent speech to the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales, His Honour said: The second challenge which […]

‘Your taste is in your arse!’

Finally, I’ve found a piece that pins the tail on the one donkey that hasn’t been properly skewered in the whole Vile and Tacky episode that Legal Eagle’s already covered. Over at The Punch (a blog I haven’t encountered before), a young chap (judging by his picture) called Chris Deal makes this point: But there’s […]

No, tell us what you really think!

I have never had much time for Keysar Trad. As a so-called advocate for Muslims in Australia, I’d say he’s got a bit to learn — like Sheikh Hillaly whom he assisted, it has always seemed to me that his statements have probably done more to hinder the reputation of Islam in Australia than help […]

Video killed the radio star

I don’t listen to radio very much. When I do, I avoid commercial stations like the plague. I can’t stand the ads, the cheesy voice overs, the annoying comperes and the gimmicks. Some of the things they talk about are really not suitable for small children, and I almost always have my kids in the […]