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Ass = Assange

Oh dear, Slutwalk London. On Saturday you’re marshalling crowds of women in fishnets and bras to chant “my dress is not a yes” and promoting petitions insisting that the Home Office should prosecute rapists. Come Tuesday, you’re taking to Twitter to issue statements objecting to the extradition of Julian Assange to face rape allegations in […]

Drink, sex and rape

[Image take from MMM radio website] I’m somewhat late on this one, I know. Collingwood’s Grand Final win was overshadowed by the news of sexual assault allegations by a woman against two Collingwood players after the post-Grand Final celebrations. Immediately there was a media furore. Various commentators weighed in. Neil Mitchell, a 3AW radio host, […]

Video killed the radio star

I don’t listen to radio very much. When I do, I avoid commercial stations like the plague. I can’t stand the ads, the cheesy voice overs, the annoying comperes and the gimmicks. Some of the things they talk about are really not suitable for small children, and I almost always have my kids in the […]