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Regulatory Vengeance

[SL: I’ve brought this piece over from Thoughts on Liberty for two reasons: (1) a friend asked me to, and (2), it had its origins in a conversation with other Australian classical liberals in the wake of David Leyonhjelm winning a senate spot in New South Wales. I wrote it because it seems to me, […]

Too much of a value

Legal Eagle’s post on screaming children and deafened passengers on a long-haul flight put me in mind of an interesting (offline) conversation I had with Lorenzo a month or so ago. On LE’s post, I made this comment: I do think we have taken social disapproval of parents disciplining their children in public too far, […]

Political correctness on campus

Via a friend, I came across this interesting piece on political correctness on US university campuses. The author starts out with a salutary tale: In 2007 a student working his way through college was found guilty of racial harassment for reading a book in public. Some of his co-workers had been offended by the book’s […]

The limits of law

[Update: now cross posted at Online Opinion – 22/1/10] One of the things that I’m thinking about in my PhD is the limits of law. What can law change? And more importantly, what can’t it change? Who enforces the law? Can we change the way in which people behave by regulating them more? Via CoreEconomics, […]

‘Your taste is in your arse!’

Finally, I’ve found a piece that pins the tail on the one donkey that hasn’t been properly skewered in the whole Vile and Tacky episode that Legal Eagle’s already covered. Over at The Punch (a blog I haven’t encountered before), a young chap (judging by his picture) called Chris Deal makes this point: But there’s […]