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What if ‘net-neutrality’ was a really bad idea? Guest post by Brian Hanley

[SL: Despite long-term engagement with technology, I remain something of a tech sceptic. I’m not the only lawyer who’s noticed that modern computer software often impedes the completion of important, time-critical tasks, or who has witnessed the property department at three different law firms refuse to part up with their IBM Selectrics. This article, however, […]

Copyright, Kookaburras and Greg Ham

I was really sad to read about the recent death of Greg Ham, the flautist from Australian band Men At Work. The cause of death has still not been determined. The worst of it is that right up until his death, Ham appears to have been very distressed about a copyright case, Larrikin Music Publishing […]

It’s those Platonic Guardians again…

The Leveson Inquiry, as readers of this blog well know, has exposed Britain’s tabloid media in ways that shouldn’t just make journalists or newspaper proprietors ashamed. The exposure has also shamed, by extension, the British public, as well as emphasizing the gulf between those who don’t read tabloid newspapers and those who do. Just as […]

MSc in Grievance Studies at LSE

Do you aspire to Moan for England? Want a Gold Medal in the Oppression Olympics? Think you can tweak the Four Yorkshireman sketch to fit any circumstance — poverty, race, disability or gender, or even all four at once? Well, now you can! If you have a 2:1 in a related undergraduate discipline, you can […]