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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

“It’s the most ambitious episode we’ve ever done,” he said. The episode, The Day of the Doctor, will be broadcast in more than 90 countries at the same time as it airs on BBC One on Saturday night. The BBC says it is likely to be the largest simulcast of a TV drama in history. […]

The Lonely Assassins: UK Labour Party Conference 2012

New Labour bought into the right wing media’s portrayal of its union backers as “evil”, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has claimed. He said the party treated the unions as a “nutty relative” who had to be “kept at arm’s length”. But its current leadership were moving towards a better understanding of what the unions […]

If you tolerate this, your pension will be next.

Fan as I am of schlocky eighties sci-fi from my misspent youth (Predator: bestest filum EVAH!), I’ve been thinking recently of the Dolph Lundgren classic DARK ANGEL where a nine feet tall alien goes around pumping victims full of stolen heroin before harvesting the resultant endorphines with a spike for sale on the intergalactic drugs […]

‘The Past is a Foreign Country’

After the kerfuffle over my first novel, I swore I would never write historical fiction ever again. I went to considerable trouble to catch the racist, sexist, ignorant attitudes and milieu of my characters only to be accused of making excuses for them. This was proof to me that people are not capable of bearing […]

The Last of the Mohicans in Space

Well, finally managed to drag myself off to see James Cameron’s Avatar, which — it’s fair to say — divides people. In the red corner (US political colour configuration), we have Miranda Devine irritated at untoward greeniness, while in the blue corner we have this selection of links over at Hoyden About Town. Other (slightly) […]

The Eve of the War

Since everyone else has been doing Moon landing celebrations, I thought I’d accrete to myself the sort of celebration that makes most sense to someone who wasn’t even born (several years off, in point of fact, during the Apollo 11 mission). Unlike many X-ers and Y-ers, I’m not fazed by Boomers who wish to party […]