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Climate change, scepticism and elitism

Half the harm that is done in this world Is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm — but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle To think well of themselves. […]

The Bent Spoon 2009…

… Where whack-jobs get their just deserts. I was kinda hoping Danny Nalliah and his anti-abortion noodles would get a guernsey, but the Australian Skeptics have instead gone for Meryl Dorey and her fellow anti-vax nutters for this year’s award. As Barry Williams tells it, the award has its origins back in 1982: In 1982, Australian […]

A world without monotheism

I originally posted this comment to the Richard Dawkins forum (which gets rather bitter and nasty over time). I’m writing a novel based around the issue now, but the question originally came from one of my students. ——————————— This topic came up when I googled the question ‘what would civilisation look like without monotheism? I […]

A Religious Buffet

Via the Australian Skeptics… Enjoy.

The Paranormal Panel – Women and Woo

I’ll be appearing on 4BC’s ‘Paranormal Panel’ discussing matters skeptical at some point in the next hour. I don’t think people from outside Brisbane will be able to get the live broadcast, but they do podcasts and downloads, so you can have a listen afterwards if you’re keen on that sort of thing. [UPDATE: I’m […]