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So not getting it

I was very disappointed in the 2011 Conan movie. (From its IMDB ratings–5.2–and box office failure, I was not the only one.) I was looking forward to see Jason Momoa strut his stuff as Conan the Barbarian. Being a Stargate Atlantis fan, the thought of Ronan Dex on the big screen worked for me. (Game of […]

‘By Heart, not Rote’: some observations on geeks and geekiness

Chrissie Amphlett and the Divinyls provided a decent chunk of the soundtrack to my young life; reports of her early death (aged 53) hit me in the childhood memories, hard, much like the arrest of Rolf Harris, or pictures of Berliners crawling over the remains of the Wall. I have, by saying those things, disclosed […]

For Star Wars tragics…

If you were brought up on Star Wars as I was, you’ll remember that scene in the original movie where Obi Wan uses his Jedi mind trick on some poor hapless storm troopers: Stormtrooper: [to Luke] Let me see your identification. Obi-Wan: [with a small wave of his hand] You don’t need to see his […]