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So, Sandy Hook

Today, as promised, I’m going to talk about Sandy Hook Elementary. I’m also not going to provide you with any easy answers or solutions. This means that if you don’t want to acknowledge the grim reality that public policy is hard, stop reading now lest you get to the end of this piece and find […]

Why people study statistics

It’s no secret around the place that I’m a bit of a cricket nerd, but my childhood fondness for cricket opened the door to a whole field of knowledge: that field was statistics, and to this day it’s the only area of mathematics in which I dare claim any competency. Batting averages. Bowling averages. Run […]

The Statue of Liberty is very green

It is likely impossible to say anything new about New York so I am not going to try. This post is a placeholder and an apology for not being around the blog very much, something likely to continue for the rest of this week while I see the sights. Briefly, I attended a conference in […]