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Background of judges

The appointment of judges in the common law adversarial system is always a controversial issue. There is a tendency for governments to choose appointments who are perceived as sympathetic to their political cause. This tendency is not confined to the more progressive governments, either, despite the fact that howls of “tokenism” seem to be louder […]

Vale Justice Peter Dutney

Sometimes, death is a thief, rather than a mere killer. At this moment, I think it has stolen a good and fair man from me, and I am not happy. I am, however, determined to honour that man’s memory in the way recommended by Marcus Aurelius in the Meditations: by speaking about his fine qualities. […]

Predictably enough…

President Obama has appointed Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court to replace David Souter. Predictably enough, elements in the Republican Party have questioned her appointment. The criticisms are not of her gender and ethnicity per se, but of certain comments she made at a talk in 2001 about the gender and ethnicity of judges: […]