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New solution to Tory Cuts

David Cameron has called in the Samaritans. Not for the Tory MPs who moan so much that their condition appears terminal, but for the civil servants forced to deal with angry and frustrated members of the public. Mandrake hears that the charity’s workers have been giving civil servants at departments such as health training in […]

Stella, by means of a trust

It’s not often that the paths of commercial law and literature intersect, so when it happens, we tend to seize the opportunity with both hands. This post, then, is a discussion of the newly-founded Stella Prize for Australian women writers, and the legal instrument that will of necessity be the vehicle for its ongoing success: […]

GST and online sales

Over here in Australia, we’re trying to distract ourselves from the calamitous cricket result by focusing on other fights. (God, I can’t even watch said cricket any more. Too upsetting.) Retailer Gerry Harvey sparked a furore a few days ago by demanding that the government impose GST on internet sales. The Australian Retailer News reports: […]

Charitable purposes and political purposes – the High Court forges a new approach

As I’ve explained in a previous post, for a trust with a purpose to be valid, it has to establish that it has a “charitable purpose”. But the whole charities issue is complicated by another factor. One of the very large perks of charitable status is that charities get tax benefits. This is an important […]

Libertarian child

I just thought I’d tell this amusing little anecdote of my 4-year-old daughter, a rather precocious child. A while back, on the way to kinder, my daughter was trying to persuade me to buy her more computer games. I explained to her that we only have a finite amount of money. She wanted to know […]