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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

“It’s the most ambitious episode we’ve ever done,” he said. The episode, The Day of the Doctor, will be broadcast in more than 90 countries at the same time as it airs on BBC One on Saturday night. The BBC says it is likely to be the largest simulcast of a TV drama in history. […]

The Stig’s identity and gain based damages

When I was learning how to drive, my father asked me what kind of car my instructor had. “A white one?” I hazarded. He was just horrified that I had no idea of the make or how many cylinders it had. I’m not a petrol head — cars are simply a tool for getting around […]

Calling history, come in history

Lawyers (and others) with professional expertise in a given field often complain when a film, television program or book makes use of their discipline for purposes of popular entertainment and then gets it wrong. I’ve lost count of the number of times (as DEM can testify) that I’ve wanted to throw things at the telly […]

A cunning plan…

I’m not a fan of the reality TV genre. It’s lazy television. It makes me want to come out in hives half the time. How can people embarrass themselves like that? It looks like reality TV might be going the way of the dodo in France. A French court has ruled that being a reality […]