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Patenting stem cell technology legally ‘immoral’ in Europe

The Daily Mail reports that the European Court of Justice has just ruled that it is illegal to patent technological processes and treatment which use of embryonic stem cells because this constitutes ‘commercial exploitation’ which is contrary to morality: Scientists warned the ‘devastating decision’ will stop pioneering treatments for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and […]

Quality not quantity: sometimes more law doesn’t mean better

Via Jim Belshaw, I have become aware that the Federal government is trying to convince people that it is doing a good job because it has passed more legislation than the previous incumbent government. Jim pointed me to a post by Noric Dilanchian, in which Dilanchian notes that most people think more law is a […]

‘The Limits of Law’ – Talk for Adam Smith Club

For Melbournites who are interested, I am giving a talk next Tuesday on ‘The Limits of Law’ for the Australian Adam Smith Club. It is a dinner meeting on Tuesday the 8th of March 2011, at the Curry Club Cafe, 396 Bridge Rd, Richmond 3141 at 6:30pm for dinner at 7:00pm. The Club tells me […]