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‘If Jews move into our street, house prices will go down’

Sounds like a Daily Mail reader, nicht wahr? The obsession with property values, the casual racism, the little-Englander mentality. Except the ethnic group is wrong. These days, people would likely love the thought of Jews moving in next door. They’ll look after the property, mow the lawn, always make sure the car is put away and […]

And when he cried…

… the little children died in the streets. It is generally a good idea to laugh at dictators. It helps that they are often funny, with their monstrous pretensions, awful taste in clothes and bad hair. Laughter is a way of puncturing their pomposity and self-regard: I have long thought that David Low’s hilarious send […]

Theodore Dalrymple stirs the pot

British psychiatrist Theordore Dalrymple (aka Anthony Daniels) both annoys and interests me in equal measure. On the one hand, he’s a resolute defender of personal betterment: as documented in Life at the Bottom, he was willing to put his career on the line so that welfare recipients could gain an education — up to and […]