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Don’t trust anyone over 47

Theresa May, according to disgruntled former Chancellor and now editor of the Evening Standard George Osborne – is a ‘dead woman walking’. It is possible, by the time you read these words, she will have been deposed and Boris Johnson or Sajid Javid installed in her place. On June 8, she lead the Conservative Party into the […]

Sometimes, there are no lessons

‘We must do something, here is something, let’s do that thing’ is one of the most seductive wrong routes those in power can take in the wake of an act of terror. Initially praised for his unwillingness to be drawn into the usual epidemic of jerking knees that breaks out whenever awful stuff happens in […]

London Olympic Souvenir Edition Funnie

Flock Off, We’re Fowl

  Home Secretary Theresa May is due to make a statement in Parliament later after three UK Border Agency officials were suspended over claims border controls were relaxed in the summer. It is alleged staff were told to relax identity checks on non-EU nationals. Labour have demanded to know whether anyone posing a risk to […]