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‘The Scope of Skepticism’

Very good interviewers are few and far between: most interviewers manage to alienate someone. For my part, I find Jeremy Paxman’s self-aggrandisement as irritating as Chris Moyles’s faux idiocy — and that’s just as a watcher and listener. I’ve also lost count of the number of interviews I’ve gone through where the interviewer wants to […]

Obscene Ear-Worm Du Jour

So NSFW we had to leave it until the weekend. Tim Minchin seems to be taking the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church quite personally… though with stories like this one I can rather see his point (and I did like the flasher can-can).

‘Oh, you’re crap!’

Tim Minchin becomes increasingly desperate as he tries to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. I’ve just noticed we seem to have a bit of a Tim Minchin thing happening at the moment, and since the other seasonal gags going around have already appeared elsewhere (‘no, the Easter Bunny did not die for people’s sins’, as I […]

Only a ginger…

I’ve mentioned before that I used to have that kind of hair I think of as “Scots colour”, which is a mix of red, brown and blonde. My husband has reddish-brown hair too. When I fell pregnant with my daughter, suddenly all the red in my hair vanished. I knew exactly to whom it had […]