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Venezia at the QVM

While walking near the Queen Victoria Markets (I had spent some time back in Melbourne, working near the Queen Victoria Markets, before it struck me that said Markets were at the junction of Queen and Victoria Streets) I saw this shop display. Somehow, it seemed vaguely familiar. This is also the Saturday chit-chat post.


Time for some more food p0rn. It is always time for chocolate. This is also the Saturday chit-chat post.

Have caterpillar tracks, will climb

Venezia is not a wheelchair friendly city.  Almost all the bridges are stepped. But we were taken with this solution to the problem of wheelchairs and stairs. Dr Who fans will no doubt go to a famous joke about the Daleks. This is also the Saturday chit-chat post.


Venezia is very much a city for masks.  They are on sale throughout the city. Carnevale may be only once a year, but the accoutrements are sold all year round. This is also the Saturday chit-chat post.

Weapons, figurines, fairies

While in Venezia, we were quite taken with the variety of chess sets available. And replica weapons, and figurines and … But, alas, they remained a case of window-shopping only. This is also the Saturday chit-chat thread.


Does this count as food p0rn? One of the joys of travelling around Venezia in particular was the plentiful gelati outlets, with a wide variety in flavours. A couple of scoops could be both a new taste treat and a sugar boost to fuel the pleasurable ambling. This is also the Saturday chit-chat thread.  

Queer eye for the religious guy

Getting a thighful It is a cliche that art has attracted a few queer (as in not heterosexual and/or gender conforming) folk over the centuries. (Are we really surprised that the sculptor of the magnificently homoerotic David was not exactly a raging heterosexual?) And, in past centuries, art was overwhelmingly religious. So, queer sensibility manifests, […]

Boys and their toys

The only place during our week in Venezia my business partner and I deliberately went back to to have another look was the Naval Museum. Naval Museum Venice It was full of things we found greatly engaging, such as C17th relief maps of various fortifications of the Serene Republic mounted on walls and lots of […]

The Hindus of the Abrahamic World

Catholics and Orthodox are the Hindus of the Abrahamic world. The divine order is populated with many Personages–not merely the Trinity, but also Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Star of the Sea, and a myriad of angels and saints. A supernatural prolixity that manifests in a certain approach to religious art and architecture. […]