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Breaking News: High Court declares Malaysian “Solution” illegal

Just handed down at 2:15pm today: the High Court has declared the Malaysian “Solution” to be illegal in Plaintiff M70/2011 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2011] HCA 32. I shall shamelessly reproduce the High Court’s summary of reasons available on their site — more detailed commentary (I hope) to follow [on which, see UPDATE […]

Malaysian refugee “solution” on hold after legal action

In May this year, our government proposed a “solution” to the increasing arrival of refugees: deport 800 asylum seekers who arrive by boat and swap them with 4000 refugees from Malaysian camps over four years. The first 15 or 16 asylum seekers were to be flown out this morning (8 August 2011), but yesterday Hayne […]

Alien, not an Austr-alian

Yet again, a somewhat doubtful aspect of Australia’s immigration policy has re-emerged into the spotlight. The Minister for Immigration revokes the visas of people who have lived for most of their lives in Australia, and then sends them back to their country of origin. The visas are revoked because of the criminal records of the […]