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‘I’m a believer’: Psychic Sally isn’t in it for the money

[SL: This is my first column for British magazine ‘The Skeptic’; I share ‘Skeptic in the Courtroom’ column-writing duties with Manchester barrister Geoff Whelan, which means my duties aren’t too onerous (two or three times a year) and, I figure, once the magazine has been on the newstands for several months, I’m probably pretty safe […]

The Paranormal Panel – Women and Woo

I’ll be appearing on 4BC’s ‘Paranormal Panel’ discussing matters skeptical at some point in the next hour. I don’t think people from outside Brisbane will be able to get the live broadcast, but they do podcasts and downloads, so you can have a listen afterwards if you’re keen on that sort of thing. [UPDATE: I’m […]